Clubroom Reservation

The clubroom may be reserved Monday-Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m..

Reservations must be placed at least ONE business day prior to the date of request. In order to reserve the clubroom you must be a member of the association, in good standing (owe no fees), and must submit a $200.00 refundable deposit with your reservation. Reservations will not be approved until all fees and deposits are paid in full.

Please be advised that any damage or liability from use of the clubroom by residents, tenants, guests or invitees shall be borne by the individual(s) or company using or reserving the right to use the clubroom. The Association and its management shall be indemnified and not held liable for any damage, accident, or other situations that may arise from the use of the clubroom The Association and its management may deduct from the deposit or charge the unit owner from any damage caused by the unit owner, their tenants and/or guests relating to the use or misuse of the clubroom.

Price: $ 200.00
I understand that it is my sole responsibility to read and review the Governing Documents, i.e., condominium prospectus, covenants, conditions, and regulations, and so forth to ensure that use of the Clubroom follows the guidelines established within those documents and by the Board of Directors of Park Towers Place. I understand that any damage created by me, my guests, or any other persons attending or invited shall be at my own expense and may be deducted from the Reservation Deposit. Additionally, if damages are incurred that are greater than the amount of my reservation deposit the Association and its agents may charge my account for the amount. I understand that submitting a request for approval does not guarantee that my request shall be approved. I further agree and understand that I shall indemnify and not hold liable the Association, its members, its Board of Directors, and its agents for any incidents or any issues arising from use of the clubroom.
$ 0.00